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If you have a biker in your family or on your Holiday shopping list, Heartland USA® has great gift ideas featured in our online catalog. Our picks for the best gifts this year include our Second Seat – which allows a partner to enjoy the ride too; also check out our Wide Tire Conversion Systems, or the Side Mount License Plate Holders.

If you’re not sure what to get that special someone, purchase a Heartland USA® Gift Certificate and let them select their own items that will totally transform the look of their H-D®.

Gift Certificates come in all denominations and can be purchased online. The best holiday gifts this year come from Heartland USA®!.


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We Are The Heart of Harley® Owners!

Heartland Biker

For the past 14 years HEARTLAND USA® has been dedicated to innovation, high quality and well-designed custom accessories for the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All our products are produced right here in the U.S.A – we are at the Heart of Harley® owners! We appreciate our HEARTLAND USA® customers and look forward to an exciting 2012!

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HEARTLAND USA® – The Ultimate Custom Experience for your Harley-Davidson®!

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Harley recently introduced their new Breakout Softail®, and we will be offering the Heart-Break Conversion – a custom conversion kit that will transform this stock 240 tire bike. This will be the ultimate in HEARTLAND USA® Conversions! Customize your Breakout® with the Heart-Break Conversion from HEARTLAND USA®!

17171 S Western Ave
Gardena, California
(310) 822-2697

Atlas Intl American Bikers Bar








Check out these awesome gifts displaying the painting skills from our dealer in Taiwan – 13 E. Zone Atlas Intl American Bikers Bar.  Contact Shawn Lee there if you are ever in their area, they have a unique business customizing Harley’s, Custom Painting, Tattoos and also they have a Coffee and Drinks Bar!


The Ultimate Custom Experience!

Heart Breaker Kit

The Ultimate Custom Experience in 2014 for your Harley-Davidson®

HEARTLAND USA® 17171 S. Western Ave. Gardena, CA 90247

Phone: (310) 822-2697 Fax: (310) 822-3687

Breakout Conversion

Breakout Conversion.2

Tom Foster – Heartland Conversion Kit

Clock inspired Harley

Tom Foster (aka CrazyFastCracker) with his Glock inspired 2012 Harley Blackline built to promote Glock at the 2012 Shot Show in Vegas.  HOT BIKE included this in their article: “Tom employed a 200 mm rear-end conversion kit from Heartland USA.

There is arguably no element that more immediately transforms a stock bike into the look of a custom than a rear-end conversion from Heartland USA. The wider rear tire, lower-profile rear fender and leather seat, smooth lines of Heartland’s rear-end struts, and the entire kit’s combined effect on the bike’s suspension and overall stance is nothing short of game-changing.”

Clock inspired Harley

H-D Breakout!

Give us a call if you have any questions, we have a great customer support team at your service!
Remember… HEARTLAND USA® – The Ultimate Custom Experience for your Harley-Davidson®!

Phone: 310-822-2697

Any Which Way They Come!

Heartland Biker


Heartland Biker

Any Which Way They Come” which is in production now and also in the background for a music video from the band Burn Halo song called “F*** You”.

The black bike is Jake’s 2005 Softail with the Heartland 200 Conversion and the red bike is Heartland’s 2013 Breakout with the Heartland Heart Breaker Conversion.

Heartland Biker


Heartland Biker

Heart Breaker Conversion Kit!



Heart Breaker Kit

#1 in the WORLD!

Jake Winters

Want to see more H-D Breakout Accessories? Visit us today!

17171 S. Western Ave.
Gardena, 90247
California USA


Check This Out!


“Parts were a great fit. Really easy to install, even for an amateur tech ;-). Looks great and is admired much by friends and fellow riders”

Ride Safe this Memorial Day, from Heartland Biker!

Phone: 310-822-2697

Fax: 310-822-3687

17171 S. Western Ave.
Gardena, 90247
California USA


Very Wide…Very Low…Very Nice…

'07 FLSTC with Heartlands 250 kit

 ’07 FLSTC with Heartland’s 250 kit   

Heartland USA® is committed to developing, producing and distributing high-end
design products that transform factory H-D® Softails® and Dynas® into full custom cycles.”

Phone: 310-822-2697

Fax: 310-822-3687

5 Wrenches!!!

Heartland Biker!

Heartland USA® has designed it’s Conversions with the installer in mind, making installation as easy as possible. We have established a rating system based on different levels of expertise. Easy installation signified by 1 Wrench, 5 Wrenches requiring more experience.

One Wrench One Wrench

Heartland USA® has some very easy Conversions for all Softails® 2008 to present, signified by the letters E-Z. In addition, we produced Conversions for prior years (all Deuce™ models 2000 – 2007) and other Softails® models (2006 & 2007) – these are also signified by the letters E-Z. These types of Conversions are true bolt-on’s – no frame cutting, fenders are pre-drilled, all hardware and instructions are included.

Two Wrenches Two Wrenches

The next level of expertise would involve – first some minimal frame cutting and then bolting on the Heartland USA® parts. This would include older Softails® and Dyna® models.

Three Wrenches Three Wrenches

A belt drive change and then bolting on the Heartland USA® parts.*

Four Wrenches Four Wrenches

Minimal frame cutting, swing-arm change, drive-train offset, and then bolting on the Heartland USA® parts.*

Five Wrenches Five Wrenches

This level would include drive-train modification and swing-arm changes, possible frame cutting and then bolting on the Heartland USA® parts, leading to the greatest difficulty being internal transmission main-shaft modifications.*

*These changes should be performed by an authorized mechanic and special tools may be required.

Rear Wheel for E-Z RR 280 Conversion Systems

Rear Wheel for E-Z RR 280 Conversion Systems


Heartland USA® offers a wide range of wheel and tire options for all of our conversions. From the simplest wire wheel to the extreme designs of the Performance Machine billet aluminum wheels.

Our wire wheels and solid billet aluminum chrome wheels are designed to use the stock pulley and brake rotors from 2000 to present model bikes. Performance Machine wheels are sold with matching rotors and a belt sprocket pulley.

Phone: 310-822-2697

17171 S. Western Ave.

Gardena, 90247
California USA


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