Have You Seen The NEW Heartland USA® 2013 Catalog?


In 2013 we will introduce the HEARTLAND USA® Custom Conversion for the Sportster® – the Sport Chop Conversion. We recognize the trend towards this American legend – the Sportster®, with classic style, agility and power. We also identify with the do-it-yourself chopped look associated with the ever so popular Sportster®. And now the Sport Chop Kit will be available exclusively from HEARTLAND USA®.

Harley recently introduced their new Breakout Softail®, and we will be offering the Heart-Break Conversion – a custom conversion kit that will transform this stock 240 tire bike.

This will be the ultimate in HEARTLAND USA® Conversions! Customize your Breakout® with the Heart-Break Conversion from HEARTLAND USA®! Watch for it coming this year.

Check out our website for the launching of the new Sport Chop and Heart-Break kits, as well as our full product line of Conversions, quick release second seats, Ride Rack and

Rest, wheels, tires, travel bags, plate holders, Hell Bent pipes – everything you need to customize your ride.

We thank you and appreciate your business over the years. Give us a call if you have any questions, we have a great customer support team at your service!

Jim Grove


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