How Jim Grove Started Heartland USA

Jim Grove - Owner of Heartland USA

Jim Grove started Heartland USA later in life after a long and successful career of innovative and systematic product design and development.  After graduating from Art Center in Los Angeles, Jim built a firm with two partners from the ground up, into the internationally acclaimed industrial design firm – Designworks USA.  Designworks was an eighty man full-service operation providing design, engineering, modeling, and market and trend analysis for leading companies around the world, including BMW.  After 20 years at Designworks, BMW purchased the company, and Jim launched his own industrial design and research firm specializing in the design of high volume products manufactured offshore and sold through retail chains across the USA.  Jim’s experience goes beyond the pre-manufacturing design stage to working with manufacturers domestically and in China, as well as forging and maintaining long-term relationships with many US national retail chains and superstores.  Products designed and developed by Jim currently enjoy wide distribution through chains such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Best Buy and Target, and to date have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.

The story of Heartland USA began in 1997, when Jim wanted to ride again, but none of the Harley models fit his sense of design and styling.  So Jim decided to design and build a custom Harley Davidson Softail, – the first Heartland bike.  Jim rode the land and was often stopped by fellow bikers asking, “Where did you get that bike?”  Jim realized that his original design of a shorter fender, special struts that define the wheel, and a bigger tire offered a complete make-over custom look.  It was good and everybody wanted one!  Heartland USA was started out of a passion for riding a true American icon – the Harley; and out of the heart of the adventurous biker; and lastly out of the freedom and spirit of this great country that we live in – the USA!

Jim at Heartland have followed the trends of Harley Davidson over the years, restyling and customizing the look and feel of H-D Softails, and Dynas.  Heartland USA has become an international motorcycle accessory company offering a full range of parts and accessories to customize stock Harleys.  Heartland USA continues to design, manufacture, market and distribute its product line throughout the world, as Jim continues the design.


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