Become a Dealer!

                                                                                                  Become a Dealer


• Must have an authentic motorcycle dealer or repair shop of motorcycles.
• Must have an up to date business license for the state in which business resides.
• Must have a retail storefront in a commercial zone with proper signage and regular business hours.
• Must supply pictures of the inside and outside of your business.
• A copy of a Drag Specialties, or a Custom Chrome invoice is helpful (not required).

Please carefully fill out the application including the “dealer requirements”, and email to “”. Once we receive your application, we will contact you after authentication. If approved, you will then be given the Confidential Dealer Pricing. Heartland USA® will also provide catalogs for you and your customers upon request.

Heartland USA® reserves the right to refuse any business that we see as a non-authentic motorcycle business.

Heartland USA® 2012
Dealer Application Form

Heartland USA® International
Dealer Application Form

Heartland USA® Australian Dealer Application Form


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